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Originally Posted by monkeythyme
So now the cat's got both Celebrity's and Carnival's tongues
Not being judgemental, but I hope the staff of Fascination are ready to sign off on my pictures when I board. I'll take a copy of the story too, just in case they don't know what I'm on about.
I can understand to some extent Celebrity's situation; there were two passengers involved. But Carnival has no privacy issue to hide behind.
Just post them on the Internet BEFORE or DURING, not AFTER the cruise.

Or email them to someone from the ship. Preferably more than one someone.

I do take pictures of rental cars before I get in them, even if there is no obvious damage.

I always take pictures of my cabin, but that is usually for my website before I start opening beer bottles on the furniture.

Dunno what this Celebrity cat is?

Not sure what privacy issue you refer to, either.
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