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Originally Posted by Dave Beers
Originally Posted by joecru
Also charge $12.00 for pictures 5x7 (RCCL $7.50) portion out food in the Redsail Diner, No longer let you use coins and get coin paybacks in the casino (slot machine), offer a kids meal in the main dining room when you are paying full price for your kids (hot dogs hamburgers instead of filet mignon) ect. Why not just charge these from the base and I will respect that.
Carnival is not RCI and vice versa, so why the need to compare everything between these two cruise lines? Frankly Carnival is a better value in my book, and I am a diamond member on RCI. RCI has gone crazy over the past year on extra fees. Room service fees, charging for certain steaks in the main dining room, charging for certain juices, etc. They have also raised bar prices and photo prices. Don't rely on past experiences with RCI because they probably have changed since you last cruised with them.

I've never been forced to order from the kid's menu for my son while on a Carnival cruise, or any other cruise line for that matter. We've always had the option of his using the regular menu. If they assumed something and just handed your kid the child's menu, did you ask them to give the kid an adult menu?
Also, hello, these things are OFFERED, not forced because kids dig hot dogs, chicken nuggets and hamburgers. Filet Mignon...not so much.
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