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Once again a cruise line is showing no tolerance. Things get damaged, thats life. I have never heard of a hotel or cruise blaming a passenger for accidental damage to a counter even if they did do the damage.

I got a call from someone who expressed to me what kind of effect these reports on having on people - especially non-dedicated vactioners thinking about a cruise. he said...

"The average person doesn't care about the captain's right to be absolute law onboard or the cruise line's policy on 'no tolerance,' all they know is that they want a vacation - which means an escape from your problems - and when they read stuff like this they just say 'forget it, it isn't worth the risk getting on a ship."

He was referring to Dean on Celebrity, but this is yet another example.

Once again - you probably won't get the cruise line's side of the story.

Just playing devil's advocate (I can't help myself), what if the cruise line had other reasons for not wanting these people back? Have you ever told someone you don't want to be friends with them anymore, but you really didn't want to tell them the real reason why?

Now, I am just being devil's advocate. But the truth is we see a LOT of stories in the media where they report what a passenger says but the truth is something else.

Remember the people who claimed the ship left them in Nassau? They didn't tell the news station that they disappeared in Atlantis and were missing for 40 minutes, beyond the ship's scheduled departure time.

I don't know either way - I am just saying there is usually more than meets the eye. That seems like an awfully small reason to ban anyone for life, and I have never heard of anyone being made responsible for accidental damage on a stateroom even if they did it.

That second photo actually looks like the cabinet had been fixed once already - so we can see it is susceptible to easy damge.
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