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Try Pennys...Kohl, (on line) and others on line... right now with the end of the summer season... there should be much on sale.. Just bought some at Liz Claiborne, but the sizes run screwy.. and even at the lowest size I might take everything is baggy. I do agree with 'QUALITY".. it just aint there anymore.. What I order two sizes..and whatever doesnt fit.. I return.. it works. I hate trying things on in the stores.. We are fortunate we live near two large outlets.. one has a great bathing suit shop.. When I've gone into Lane Bryant.outlet...Ive run lately into a few bargains.. especially long skirts.. I refuse to buy from the large size catalogs because of the quality...see what Macys has in their plus size.. on sale.. being the magic word.. I feel your pain/aggravation....
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