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It's funny how we all get conditioned to see certain events. I'm not saying I know what happened, I am just putting out two scenarios and asking which one seems more likely.

Option #1

The room steward convinced the Hotel Director and Captain to get so upset about the marred desk that they decided to ban the guy. But Miami decided to overrule them.

Option #2

There is more to the story, but Miami still overturned the ban because of the media spotlight. But it would have held up if no one had made a big deal out of it.

They realized marring a desk is not enough to ban someone, but it was the best concrete reason they could make publicly. This put the cruise line is put in the position of either sticking with the marred desk reason, or further incriminate the guy. But they chose not to go there because it would mean having to prove their case in the media.

It's like getting Al Capone on tax evasion. But this guy did not have Al Capone's reputation, so they couldn't go further without better proof, something they did not want to do in the court of public opinion.

Take your pic of possible options.
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