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Default NEW OPTIONS......

One of the things I do enjoy about cruising is meeting new people and often you get a wonderful table of cruisers (only once did I get a table I wanted to toss overboard)..Parrot Pop is anti-buffet.. lol and most of the time we have had lunch or breakfast in the dining room.we do "share a table"... As for the alternative dining rooms..It's quite nice to celebrate perhaps a special occasion or to watch service in the old fashioned French service.. As a way of making additional revenue the lines are offering several alternative restaurants with higher and higher per person charges .. When a waiiter and his assistant are taking care of three or four is a pleasure to be "fawned on" Our last Celebrity experience was on the Constellation where it was a complete joy to watch the "choreography" and elegance of being served.. One reason that I can see about the new dining is the fact you do not have to rush back to the ship after an excursion to wash and get to your seating That all being said.. we are going to try the "free style" of NCL on their Gem..but than again the price of the cruise and expectations are much lower than Celebrity....
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