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Default mother raised me to dress to compliment the lady you are with, so you are right, on formal nights the focus should be on the women

I like to suggest that you might rephrase your other point one pays attention to the men in a tux, untill we look at another woman who is wearing the exact same outfit as your DW/GF and comment that you both have on the same thing then we get alot of attention from one person

people do pay attention if the man is not dressed to compliment his lady, and what sets a tux off is the accessories (just like a woman in a basic black dress)..the worse sin, unpolished shoes

I usually see a really sharp suit in GQ or Playboy magazine that cost $3000 or more, tear out the picture, go to Dillards and my tailor puts the same thing together for $500 or less

and you women do look at a good looking man in a sharp outfit on formal night (as observed when my son wears his Air Force Officers Dress uniform with his fighter pilot wings and all of his medals)
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