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So, Carnival lifted the ban and apologized...NOT ENOUGH!!!! Did they give them their $$$$ back for the cruise...did they offer them another free cruise... I'm sure the family had to sign a "secrecy" agreement which would be even more insulting since their names has been all over the boards and media.. Would I be vindictive..YOU BET.. Let's face it.. Carnival owns the majority of the other cruise lines and they are pretty powerful.. Do I sound like I am steaming...well I am.. Oh set the record straight...after an accident the first day out on a new cruise ship, because of poor design of the jacuzzi, I slipped and suffered a serious Colles fracture on board.. Parrot Pop took pictures documenting the problem and the attempts by the crew daily to rectify it. I was interrogated by the Safety Officer as if I were a criminal and had been drinking at 9:00 a.m...and spent the rest of the cruise in a cast and having surgery within a week or returning home..Oh yes, I sued the line and there was a settlement..btw it was a Royal Caribbean ship..
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