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Originally Posted by ejb
Why do you need at least 3 days? Does it take a day to get there, a day to site see and then a day to get back or did you mean 3 days to see the park?
Also, staying a day or two was meant to be a figure of speech not the actual amount of days we plan to stay. We are trying to figure out the amount of days by working out the travel and site seeing time needed.
Thank you for your input.
If we rent a car, can we drive it or is it too far? We have been to Alaska and do know how vast it is. We have just not been to this area.
I will check out Seward, maybe Denali is just not this trip??
You need to allow 6 hours transit from Anchorage to get there and back. Then another 8 hours, min. to get INTO the park. There is no sense going unless you do. You need to do your homework. And find out what areas offer you and what is of the most interest to you. Even 3 extra days is skimpy by Alaska travel standards. I recommend at least 5, more is better!

Yes, most certainly a car rental is an excellent option, since it allows you all the fantastic "small stuff" stops along the way. But once at Denali Park, you then need to take a shuttle bus to get into the park. My min. recommendation is Eielson. The Park Road is 90 miles, the public section is only the first 16. With a car, this is very worthwhile to drive during your stay, as an "added" bonus for wildlife searching.
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