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Hi everyone,
Here is what everyone has come up with so far. Great ideas everyone.

Tips from Me Huffca
Clear Packing Tape- I have mended a hem, fixed a dress shoe and strapped a broken suit case with it.

Post-it notes- The larger yellow post-its. Great for leaving notes to the room steward and your cabin mates.

Bungee cords- Great for holding open your cabin door if you want fresh air in the room. And on one cruise where we had multiple balcony cabins we used it to secure the partitian between the balconies to keep it from flopping back and forth.

A wad of $1 bills for tipping room service.

Door Decoration- Sometimes the cabin numbers are hard to see. So we dress up our door. It's fun to do. And makes it easy to find your cabin.

A soft sided cooler bag.
Zip lock bags various sizes
***What we do is what was suggested earlier. We order room service before a shore tour. Especially in places we are not sure of. We were so glad we did in Belize. We pack ice in 2 zip locks. And we put in a couple of bottles of water too.

A net laundry bag. Light weight and makes it easier to pack light and make a trip to the laundry one afternoon.

And for me I bring cold brew tea bags and crystal light to go packs.

Neck wallet with window for our Sign & Sail Card. I find it easier than carring around a purse. Which I tend to sit down and forget.

Tips from Triton
Lots of Ziplocks! Yes we also pack a lunch as well - and have done this on numerous tours. Sometimes we'll grab roles from the breakfast buffet as well as extra bacon or lunch meat and cheeses and presto-you have your sandwiches.

We usually bring large Starbucks thermos / mugs too and make our own iced tea and bring that along. Hey, I'm all for saving money and playing it safe.

Tips from Topher
Bubble wrap. Comes in handy if I buy something breakable and if I don't need it I just leave it behind. That also frees up room in the luggage.
Travel size of laundry liquid. Costs me 75cents and does 2 loads, opposed to paying $1 for a box on board that only does 1 load.
Fabric softener sheets (Note from Huffca: they also keep your clothes smelling nice until you unpack)
I make up a little 'first aid' kit as well. The usual things plus sudafed and a Tide to Go pen for stains on clothes, should they happen.

Tips from Parrot Mom

The most important hint I picked 20 years ago was a very inexpensive cloth shoe bag we hang over the closet or bathroom door. I store sandals, tanning lotions, wooden clothes pins, flashlight, first aid items, shoes.., etc. leaving the counter tops and the floor alot less cluttered..

Black film holder that i put in thin gold chains or diamond studs

Little long tubes for the beach, etc.. I use it for $$$ and attach it with a safety pin to the inside of my bag.

Tips from fireba11
Cooler with wheels and a couple of 12 packs of Soda in it, we pack the beer in the luggage, and just have the room steward fill it with ice daily. It sure saves a lot of money.

Small fan in case the a/c on the ship isn't working well.

Power strip, because there are never enough power outlets in a room.

Alarm clock

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