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Default MORE many things and I'm so forgetful.. I take a tiny flashlight.. we did l0se power one night on a ship...

Hate the dryers on ships so I have a small mini one..

TWO large mesh bags for laundry..One for dark clothes and one for white.. Since your not going to spend your days doing laundry.. when you have something dirty put it in the bag.. at the end of the trip when your packing..inside the mesh bag with the dirties.. put in your liquor and breakables.. It also makes it easier when you get home of both of those bags are in the same suitcase..

There is a new product now on the market that is a combination soap and conditioner..on what looks like a piece of paper

The steward if there isn't one can provide a litle sewing kit, but with all the cruises and vacations I have them all over the place.

We also have printed up "cards" with our names and e-mail address through Vista Print.. rather than writing addresses I've even been given cards that have the persons picture so we will remember.

I myself don't like the idea that Princess had on our ship with our names outside our doors..took it down

Also, I often carry a collapsible cup..which holds in the lid pills.available at The Container Store..

Yes, i also carry Crystal Lite..the individual packets for bottled water, sweet and low and herbal tea bags....not to mention GINGER TABLETS FOR prevention of sea sickness and peppermint tea bags..
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