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Default Saturday!

Another bright and Sunny day. Just beautiful!

We were up till 3 AM last night to finish the electrical and new plumbing. I was giving moral support! Its done now and is perfect. I must say when Sam does something his work is perfectionist quality. The electrical is done way above standard , and the plumbing which he is not a plumber is also better than anything a plumber has ever done for me. Everything done step by step and anchored and neatly done as well. I am really pleased. Just waiting for the delivery people to call and tell me when they are bringing the machines. Then I can start on all the wash.

DS , his GF and some of his friends were here last night and it was nice taking a pizza break from the work! His friends were here for moral support in his quest, spurred on by my request ( ) to de clutter the family room and his bedroom. Its not actually a family room any more, it has become a DS room as it is in the basement along with where his bedroom is now. It's time for the dear to part with some of his treasures..........what a painful night it was........

RD is it this weekend that you are moving? what a good weather for it if it is so!

Have a great day every one.
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