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Good morning everyone and a Happy Labor Day Weekend.

We were scheduled to be out of town this weekend. We were to be at my brother's lake place to have a get together, do some fishing and drag Betty around the lake on water skis.

However, with my broken leg/ankle and last night my SIL called and let me know my brother was in the hospital with kidney stones. He was to have them blown out in the tub (lithotripsy) tub because one is too large to pass. Gee, he's turning into me. I haven't heard anything since last night so I assume that all went well.

So we'll just have a lazy day and perhaps take in a movie. Betty does have to work on Monday so there will be no Labor Day for her.

Delft: Glad to hear that the electric and plumbing is all done and done well. My BIL is also a perfectionist when it comes to his "projects". But unlike Sam it takes him a few "years" to achieve perfection. My SIL has spent most of her life in a "half finished" house.

Donna: I don't envy the drive. I did that 26 years ago when we moved to Alabama. I also like the rollerskating pics. Keep skating as long as you can. It keeps you young. Betty is older than you and still loves to water ski.

I hope everyone is going to/or is having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your break from "Labor".

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