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Happy Labor Day weekend as well from yours truly. I remember the first part of my career from which I'm retired that Holidays were just another day. The latter half, however, I enjoyed all weekends and Holidays, which was and is still unusual for those of us employed or formerly employed in the Public Service sector.

Nothing on tap for this weekend. We're both looking to next Friday for our little four night "land cruise" to Virginia Beach.

Looks as if you have everything in place, Delft. Soon you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, maybe even on our Labor Day!

Just one more week, huh R/D? You must be excited beyond belief. I used to routinely drive from the Mid-Hudson Valley to Tennessee and upon arrival we wouldn't be at all tired or sore.

B/W, you are so darned efficient! You've got everything lined up for your cruise which I must ask, is it still looking as if you'll be going alone with your kids?

So happy Venice, to hear that your "ticker" is still in good shape. Will keep praying that it will continue to be so!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day whereever you are!

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