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NOW THis may sound strange.. but the plastic take up more room than a cloth shoe bags..I've gotten mine at Walmarts..but for 99 cents don't sweat it.. The ginger tablets can be bought at a health food store and the mint tea bags are for when you stomach is queezy,but I take the ginger tablets the minute I sit down or walk on the cruise ship..and every day after that at meal times.. The olf fashioned wooden clamp clothes pins for hanging stuff on the shower line or where nobody can see them on the chairs on the balcony. If y ou want to take air spray.. buy the kind that is NOT pressurized... and a Febreeze will take the smoke stink out of your dress clothes.. What I also do is keep my toiletries in a large plastic bag (toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrush, cotton bals,, floss etc.) and when I close my suitcase for going home I put a sticky pad inside telling what I need to replenish before the next cruise..HAVE also found a bath jell that hooks over the toiletry bar in the shower.. What I also do is take the extra containers and pour in shampoo and conditioner.. Oh yes.. one container...I fill with Whisk.. and when something is stained..I pour Whisk or you can fill it with Woolite..on it and put it in the laundry bag.. This trip I'm definetely putting hand sanitizers in every little area, camera bags, cosmetics, and pocket books.. Oh yes.. I ALSO like baby/hand wipes to wash your face when your off the ship..

WOOPS.. forgot underlining pens. for marking off on the daily schedule things you might want to do..did anybody else have this..
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