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My last "more" is in e-mail Okay..first make sure you get a
City Bank Credit card. charge for conversion.. We are el cheapo.. we bring large plastic drink containers and fill them on board with iced tea, make lemonade with Crystal lite, or iced coffee.. we have loops I think now to hang on our bags.. Also, why do you need to bring soap for the washing machines..but didnt know how to stop the soap to add my own..So, what you need at at least four rolls of quarters for the washer and dryers.. Had never thought about making sandwiches..I'd rather eat on the ship if its not an an all day excursion...or have a cold drink or something locally.. I do know in Malaga the first time we accidently found a side street restaurant where we had a fabulous meal of fried sardines and calamari..with red wine.. I notice Princess doesn't provide a pitcher of water on the desk.. so what we did was let the ice cubes melt and use the Some people bring a large drink container and make whatever and leave it when they disembark..Havent done that yet.. I know this sounds strange.. but for whatever reason I brought locally made jam...intending to give it to omebody as a gift... through circumstances I gave a jar each to two ladies in the gift shops on the Celebrity Galaxy... they were very touched.. nobody had ever given them a gift. Oh yes, I also have a folding umbrella and an extension cord in our bags..
What we have is a carry on/small bag we call the "necessities bag" and that's where we put all the "stuff" I don't pack
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