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Default Don't tell me what you paid....

Once we have decided on a cruise and paid the fees, please don't tell me how much less you paid. First of all, I think talking about what one paid is gauche. It is even more gauche (or is it gaucher) to brag about how much money another passenger paid.

There will always be someone who paid more than we did and those who paid less -- that is life.

At the end of the winter (2-09) my car was stolen! Why someone wanted a 96 Neon is another story, but it was gone. It was a great time to buy a car -- every dealer was discounting and dealing. At a certain point, I decided I had to pick a car and get on with my life--there will always be a better deal out there. I relate this story because : A- I can't get over the fact that the car was stolen and B) There will always be a better deal.
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