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We keep all of our receipts too - never know when you're going to need it. Bought a Swarovski love birds in St. Lucia last April, good tihng we saved it as one of the birds "fell" off the branch, lol. I had a feeling about the sales person and knew I shouldn't have bought this...anyway just returned it to Swarovski for a "free" replacement or repair, along with the sales invoice.

Corkscrew: Ask your cabin attendant. We have never had a cabin attendant not able to produce a corkscrew. But as Parrot Mom said, not in your carryon. I was stupid enough to throw one in mine and was held over in a Palm Springs airport while they frisked, interrogated and detained me...all for a damn cork screw. !

I don't like money clips, and always leave my wallet in the cabin safe. I have a small two fold (inserts into my wallet). In this I slide my sea pass card, one credit card, some bills folded up - and that's it. That's all I carry in my front pocket - and it's safe. If we're on shore we bring our passports.
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