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I was a little disappointed when I read this in my welcome aboard booklet today and asked the same question on "that other crusieboard" where I spend most of my time...this was the only meaningful reply so far...

In Cagney's in addition to the per person cover charge ($25), some entrees have an additional $10 charge, such as whole lobster, very large steak, surf & turf, crab legs). That would be the a la carte pricing reference. I am not aware of similar pricing in any of the other specialty restaurants. Typically only one entree per person, but the Tex Mex and Asian restaurants are known to allow more than one if asked.

Never would have thought about there being extra charges in addition to the "cover charge". Do they make you pay extra for clean towels and toilet paper too??? I have a feeling I'm going to be in for a lot of surprises as far as nickel and diming on this cruise.
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