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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom
Don't want to start a big to-do.. but now that I'm making a list and this is my first true "free style" cruise..what do I need to know.. It's not that I don't have lots of appropriate clothes, but where and what for the NCL Gem..

Okay..for the specialty restaurants..dressy slacks or a long skirt for the ladies. Long pants for men in the evening I assume...

How about nice capris with a blouse or jersey (no t-shirt) for the dining room for dinner.. or is it dressy slacks...I REFUSE TO BRING A COCKTAIL DRESS...

Parrot Pop is planning on taking a sports jacket..will he wear it and where?
It's all good Parrot Mom. These will work in any restaurant on any night.

If your husband wants to bring a jacket then it would be fine for a nice dinner in Le Bistro or Cagney's but there is no requirement to do so and he will not feel out of place.

One night I actually wore the evil "jeans" (not torn or overly faded) to Mama's Italian restaurant. I was not struck by lightening or banished. It was a long day in Copenhagen and I just wanted to eat and go to bed.

Even with NCL's relaxed dress code the people, on the NCL cruises I've been on,(5) dress better than on my last three Carnival cruises.

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