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I don't really enjoy flying too much, I always feel like one of the sardines being stuffed into the can. But I haven't had too terribly many unpleasant issues aside from a child with special needs kicking the back of my seat and grabbing my seat back in order to engage my children in misbehavior. To which I laid down the law and told them under no circumstances were they to look behind them at this child. I explained that his parents were trying very hard to make him behave and they should ignore him so he doesn't get into anymore trouble. They understood, no biggie. I also asked the child to please stop kicking my seat and let him know that my children were under strict orders to behave and could not play with him. After a time the offending behavior stopped.
The only thing that really stood out in my memory was on a Transatlantic flight that was only about half full. There was plenty of empty seats, this guy stands up walks over and sits in the seat right in front of d/h and forcefully slams the seatback into d/h's knees. The buffoon never got the hint, apologized or anything. D/H extricated himself eventually and went and sat somewhere else. Oh he was mad.
I refuse to get all bent out of shape over crying babies on flights. It is exhausting to travel with babies, parents do the best they can, it is so stressful for them when the babies cry. sometimes in spite of giving them something to eat or suck on they cry. sometimes for no apparent reason or they are just tired. Sometimes folks can really lack compassion.

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