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A couple of times, when my girlfriend and I flew to Florida, we both suffered indignities

I had a man next to me. who used the little pointed part of a nail clipper to dig down into his nail bed to China! I wanted to slap him..HOW do you do this on a plane??? Cringe

My gf had the unsavory situation of sitting best to a man who had just come from the rest room after tossing his lunch...on his shoulder next to her, were some little noodles, resting after their excursion from his stomach to the outside world Oy!

Another time I had a kid kicking the lie out of my seat..The parents could have cared less..after the flight attendant spoke to them, and, nothing changed...she moved me to business class...nice and quiet....

I have yet to smell any cabbage or liverwurst, so all is good

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