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Hello! I just found this website tonight because I would like to book a cruise and do not have a cruising partner for this trip. I have never looked at the single supplement in detail before and I'm appalled! I understand the companies' standing on losing revenue on a single sailor but, with the economy being what it is and the ships sailing at far less than capacity, you would think they would put a temporary waive on those fees!

I am beginning a new job mid-Nov. and expecting a grandchild mid-Oct, so wanted to try to get one more cruise in before then. I was very excited when I saw the very low prices for the 3-4 day trips out of FL, but probably can't afford it if the single supp. is added (although I intend to call to see if I can talk them down Your post was interesting and I thought I would write. I am a 52 year old married woman who has no problem rooming with a guy (nor does my husband - with me, that is). I am also a karaoke singer - maybe I'll see you there! I am a light drinker, avid reader, and enjoy nothing more than sitting in a lawn chair in the shade and reading. I am also a writer and may be working part of the time.

I sailed 4 times this year, everywhere from Nassau to Alaska.

If you believe you would be interested in talking further about sailing late this month or early next for a short trip, please drop me a line at (or AIM, same name). Good luck!
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