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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
Originally Posted by zydecocruiser
Originally Posted by Cricketmk3
But don't they x-ray your luggage and aren't they able to spot it in closed luggage if it's in a regular liquor bottle? I know they x-ray your stuff when you come back from a port of call...they seem to let the little bottles of alcohol go through though. They stopped my daughter with a big bottle and made her turn hers in.
They know what is in your checked luggage and ignore. Bring all you want on at the port of embarkation, in your locked, checked luggage.

If in your carry-on luggage, they will confiscate (or attempt to). There are some tricks you can use there, too. You seem to have discovered one.
It might be the day, but for some reason your comments make me feel sad. I don't know if it's just the way you are saying cheat, or if it's the fact that you seem so confident in doing so.

My advice to anyone reading this. Follow the rules as they are written. It will leave you with a good peace of mind.

If you will check out my earlier quote, you will see that I plan to bring my allotted bottles of wine on board and that's it. Obviously it's a common thing for passengers to try to bring alcohol on's natural not to want to pay the outrageous drink prices.
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