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They know what is in your checked luggage and ignore. Bring all you want on at the port of embarkation, in your locked, checked luggage.

This is the part that bothers me. You are in fact giving false info.

They do not ignore. They do open bags when they see fit, and if they do, you will find a nice sticker on your luggage when you finally receive it.

You CAN be removed from the ship, at your expense if it is deeded that you did not follow the rules.

I can't see you, but you can. Look at yourself, and figure out why a perfectly decent person from Alabama would be telling total strangers, but with good intentions, to break the rules.

If you do, why not tell them what can happen to them.

You have not been around here long enough to get a post from someone who was removed from the ship for taking things on board that is clearly stated in the rules you could not bring which is included in your documents.

It was to late for us to tell them, but right now it is not to late to prevent something like this from happening to someone who has come on here, looking for the truth.

Your documents are more than just a ticket to get on the ship. It includes very good info on what to do in order to make your cruise a very pleasant one. It does not say follow the rules if you feel like it.
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