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Default Re: Aqua Class on Stolstice????

Originally Posted by Jimbo_Bost
We will definately be booking the Solstice May 2009. We MUST have a balcony, but is Aqua class worth the extra bucks? ($457 for two people)?

We enjoy the relaxation room and thallasatherepy pool (spelling!), but can't we purchase thier use by the day or cruise (OK, how much?)

Blu looks very nice but does this mean Blu will be our main dining venue? Will we still have a table reserved in the Main Dining Room?

Do we get any extra free classes from the Spa? (Spinning, Aerobics?)

The cabins look identical, perhaps with some nicer amenities?

Should we spring for Aquaclass? Jimbo
There is no thallasotherapy pool on Solstice but in addition to the relaxation room you do have unlimited access to the Persian Gardens. You also have an upgraded shower in your room. I upgraded to AQ for just over $400 for an Eastern Med cruise - 11 days - 2 people.
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