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Hi, we just came off the Golden on Saturday and today Sunday I still have my sea legs. We loved this ship and we have also done the cruise to Hawaii on the Island Princess. What deck are you on as I can help you possibly with easy get arounds to various areas of the ship if I know the deck. The anytime dining rooms are in the center of the ship but if you have assigned dining it is on deck 6 which can only be reached by prominade deck 7 go to the back of the ship past the photo gallery and then down one flight of stairs. If you are using the elevators only 2 go to that area of deck 6 they are the aft (back) bank of elevators and the extreme right or left elevator and this is also the only 2 elevators that take you to skywalkers which is the shopping cart handle bar on the back of the ship and lovely place to watch the world go by, incidently we always find this area cool a shawl or sweater is nice to have. If you are dining at the buffet and it appears to be full if you walk towards the back of ship there is and extension of the dining area for the horizon court an area that was never crowded seemed like people did not go that far back to look for a table. This area also exits out onto the deck above the aft pool. This is our favorite place to watch sail aways from. Also a nice place to take a snack out to sit and relax on chairs in the warm sun on an Hawaii cruise. We loved the sea days to Hawaii and found lots to do. We were not happy renting a vehicle on the islands seemed to waste way to much time picking up and dropping off the vehicle. If I can help to further please let me know.

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