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Default Transatlantic and back

I'm looking to find a roommate for two different cruises: one going transatlantic eastbound and another coming back westbound. The eastbound cruise is on the Queen Mary II and leaves New York on November 5. It arrives in Southampton November 11. The cruise coming back leaves from Barcelona Spain and arrives in Galveston Texas on Dec. 13 after stops in Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. Total cost of both cruises is $1744 before taxes. Cannot stress enough that I am ONLY looking for a cabinmate with no other attachments, though it would be fine to hang out. I'm a 24 year old single, easygoing, courtesous straight guy. Despite not having any hidden agenda, I would prefer a woman (age, attractiveness unimportant) because frankly some of the guys on here creep me out. However, I will consider someone of either sex who is obviously well-adjusted for either or both cruises. If the price is too high, let me know how much you can pay because I intend on doing this trip regardless of having a cabinmate. It might be best to email me at
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