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KATLADY.. as an overweight and senior citizen fighting to remain active..WEAR WHAT MAKES YOUfeel good..sometimes the things that you won't expect might look great.. Unless you have an honest girlfriend, one who won't want to make you look bad.. Take the gowns into the dressing room. and you know.. the other ladies will be honest.. I just bought a plus size kiwi/lime slacks for a cruise.. When you put on a you feel "special" matter what the cost..unless it's way over budget.. and then..and then...the heck with it.. Sometimes when I shop..I realize I have accesories, jewelry etc. that would make it ME.. KATLADY, buy something you absolutely love.. and "work it"..flaunt for the hair.. simpler the better.... Just a few weeks ago I wore a 20 year old designer caftan..hardly worn..and I felt so special in it..soooo darn special.. I even had my pedicure and nails done to match... a soft Parrot Pop wasn't that thrilled, but I felt like a million dollars in it.. and THAT IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT.. How you feel...
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