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Default Re: Norwegian Spirit questions

Originally Posted by flaka
I have two questions regarding the Norwegian Spirit:

1. Is there a cover charge for breakfast at Cagney's.
2. I purchased the $79 anniversary package with dinner at Le Bistro and a complimentary bottle of wine. Does anyone know is you are offered several to choose from?

We are sailing with another couple celebrating their anniversary September 18.

Thanks a million.

Breakfast, and lunch, at Cagney's is available for full Suite passengers and there is no additional charge. If you are in a AA - AD suite you will enjoy it. You can leave a gratuity for the waitstaff either daily or at the end of the cruise. I prefer to do it at the end of the cruise.

If you are in a regular balcony cabin, outside or inside stateroom you will not be able to have breakfast or lunch at Cagney's.

I take that back. If you are a VIP then you can have breakfast at Cagney's. Being designated a VIP is something done by the corporate office and doesn't happen too often.

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