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what drink are you making with the diet dr pepper?

hubby wanted rye for trip, I ordered two bottles of canadian club (has friend helping kill the bottles) - $40 a pop - in my opinion way too much for a rye. If this were absolute vodka it would be about $10 more than we pay at home and still a bargain. That said, however, when I ordered these bottles I asked Carnival if they had any type of bar setup i.e. mixers, sodas, etc. Was told no. Also told they would order me soda at $1.95 a can. WHEW! So I'm bringing a twelve pack of soda for him and his buddy. Yes, I do sneak one extra bottle of wine in my luggage and 1L of vodka. That said, last year Carnival got $1,800 from us for the week. This included renewing our wedding vows and buying an album of pictures, a night at Nick and Nora's (highly recommended) and all the drinks we order while around the ship. They buy duty free and should be able to discount drinks to a point. I know they need to make money but good prices equal volume purchases.

Carnival also has better prices than NCL for bottles of wine. They are very reasonable. I'm bringing some of my home favorites but with 6 of us going I'll be ordering a bottle of wine for the table at every meal as well.
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