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Default Re: Carnival's Bon Voyage Department

Originally Posted by zydecocruiser
Originally Posted by antoniousmc
Carnival's Bon Voyage Department is the best prices are about 15% more but well worth it. You dont have to worry about sneaking stuff on, worrying if it breaks on you. Call a couple weeks before and have it in your room waiting
I ordered from the BV department once and it was about 50% more than retail for JW Black.

The last time I asked, the new price was 100% more that retail and I went back to BYOL.

Carnival tells you to lock your suitcase and there is no requirement for a TSA lock. You could wrap a chain around your suitcase and lock it with a padlock of your choice.
If I remember correctly (it's been over a year since my last cruise) the bottle you order through the ship are a different size from the ones are the liquor store. I agree the BV department charges more then the liquor store. I go with rum and it has never been 100% more expensive. But JW black may be different. How big is the bottle you bring and the bottle the BV department sells? What are the prices of each? I drive my hubby crazy with this because I always want the details.
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