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Default Re: Carnival's Bon Voyage Department

Originally Posted by zydecocruiser
Originally Posted by katlady
If I remember correctly (it's been over a year since my last cruise) the bottle you order through the ship are a different size from the ones are the liquor store. I agree the BV department charges more then the liquor store. I go with rum and it has never been 100% more expensive. But JW black may be different. How big is the bottle you bring and the bottle the BV department sells? What are the prices of each? I drive my hubby crazy with this because I always want the details.
Carnival claims the bottle of JW Black they sell is 40 ounces, but it was less.

Most liquor they sell is in 1 liter bottles.

I can buy a 1.75 liter bottle of same for less than what they charge for "40 oz" .

In the duty free shop, I think they sell Black Label for about $28.
You can't take bottles from the duty free shop back to your room. The duty free store is always cheaper, because you don't pay duty. Larger sizes are also normally cheaper. I like to compare apples to apples.

I would like to compare what you pay for a one liter bottle of JW Black at home VS what you pay from the Bon Voyage dpt. JW Black from the BV dpt according to Dr. Plunger is $55 (which falls in line with what I have paid). So my question to you is how much do you pay for a one liter bottle of JW Black?

You stated more then once that the cost of the BV department was a 100% what you would pay at the liquor store. Was this an error or do you have a wonderfully cheap liquor store where you live. I ask because by saying that Bon Voyage department is 100% more expensive you have made people believe that they will pay twice as much if they order through the Bon Voyage Department. It is possible a math error occurred and that is what I'm trying to determine.
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