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When I priced the liquor with BV dept last year, almost everything was the same price.....for example whether I wanted to buy vodka, gin, brandy or whiskey, it was all very expensive.
I don't usually buy name brands, like I can buy vodka for $10, and E&J Brandy for $7.99.
For those prices.. if Carnival wants to take my bottles, I'm prepared for that, it's only a $10 bottle. I understand the rules and I'm prepared for that in case they deecide to inforce the rules.
That being said, we did bring one bottle of vodka on board, about 2/3 full, but we also purchasede several drink coupons as well. We did not finish our bottle, we had plenty of parties w/free booze.

One last note, it's one thing that we are not supposed to bring on hard liquor, but they not only allow wine/champagne but they allow one per adult.
Why don't they say NO alcohol and make even more money selling wine etc on board.

So I guess I'm a little on both sides of this one.... I believe if you don't over do it, (1 bottle for 2 adults for a 7 day cruise) it should be okay. On the other hand, if people get too booze crazy and never pay for any on board, It could make it more costly. 8) 8)
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