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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
Unfortunately the world has changed. My parents firmly believed that they established relationships with their banks and insurance providers and other large corporations they did business with on a regular basis.

It just isn't that way anymore. For ANY company these days a customer is a statistic, an account number and nothing more. The world is run by lawyers, contracts and fine print.

The only way to expect compensation from a cruise line, airline, hotel, Disneyland or anyone these days is to have travel insurance.

I don't have a problem with the person posting this online - he is expressing a legitimate thought and personal experience. In his personal world he has a point, but my experience is that it is pretty hard to get around a strict company policy.

As far as QM2 is concerned, her sheer size and numbers make attention to individuals difficult.

However I found the QE2 experience more intimate and personable.
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