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I work in the Restaurant/Bar business and have for many years. The prices have gone up because the cost has gone up. Like everything else in this country. So to expect the cost of a drink to be less is just dreaming I guess. Besides if you are on a cruise and its your fun vacation, Well what difference does it make what the cost of that drink is. I like Kuki am not a big drinker. So I have what I want when I want it and dont feel like I am running up my bill. I like my foo foo drink at the pool and maybe one more at the casino in the evening. I have a soda here and there on ship. I dont take any with me in my luggage. I am on vacation and will not try to cram in all the booze and soda I can handle in my luggage. I buy what I want. Trust me I am not wealthy by any means. But we save for our cruise. We enjoy our vacations. I am the first one looking for a deal. But we have to understand the cruise companies also have to make a buck or they wont be in business either. To constantly complain about the cruise companies is just wasted breathe. They are a company out to make a buck like everyone else in the world. Same as complaining about the tips. If you go out to a nice restaurant anywhere you are expected to pay a tip also. So what is different here. You are going out for every meal for 8 days. I call that heavenly! Happy cruising.
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