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Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by funmaker
Originally Posted by briguy
Got an automated call from Carnival today telling me boarding begins at 2p so dont get there early. Im sure that wont stop people from getting there at noon or whatever but they dont want the overcrowding I guess. I am driving to LA in the morning and sailing Sunday. Talk to you all when i get back. I am going cruising!!!!! Yeah baby!!!!
I also received the "Dont get to the ship early" from Carnival. I called them and asked if they had Queen Mary Early check in, but the rep didnt know. It doesnt matter we plan on getting to Long Beach around 11:30. Hope our cruise is great briguy and I am getting excited.
See you on board funmaker. I'll be the one with a gal at my side and a drink in my hand. Wait... that could be a lot of people!!
Same here but with my beautiful blond (just dyed blond) daughter. Maybe we will get lucky and run into each other. Anyway, bon voyage happy sailings!!!
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