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Apparently, Oregon woodpeckers are made of pretty stern stuff. Having given up on the trees in my backyard, they have instead attacked my gutters...........

According to our local experts, male woodpeckers attract their mates based upon the racket that they can make. The louder the better...

And as such, the local woodpeckers have attacked my aluminum gutters with gusto in the early morning hours.

Unfortunately for them, they don't even scratch the paint; and unfortunately for me, they made a hell of a racket in the early morning hours.

Awoken the first morning, not knowing what the hell was going on, I charged outside, ready for combat. Deciding that combat was better ensued with clothes on, I deferred until later.

By the third morning of this, I was ready to pull the 20-gauge out of storage and make noise of my own.

The next day, his apparent lack of success on my aluminum gutters having driven him elsewhere, my noisey friend had decided to attack a neighbor's gutters. The racket at this point bearable, I slept until a normal hour.

Lately, I haven't heard a word out of him, so either he's mated successfully, or has moved on to louder gutters.

Either way, I'm enjoying the morning silence!

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