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Where in N.S.are you located Donna? Sitting in the bird/computer room, heat on to take chill off the house..and at 6:48 a.m Parrot Pop is still in bed with the two dogs, even though the birds know I'm in here and even from under their covers make comments it's quiet.. Another bird is coming to board within three hours and his cage has to be set up and in place.. As we drive the roads we notice patches of the changing of the seasons.. apple orchards are set for picking, church fairs and yard sales all in full bloom. Scarecrows, pumpkins and Halloween decorations showing up..No annoying woodpeckers and I'm trying to keep the chipmunks and those dratted squirrels away from the tossing leftover parrot seed, etc. in a special corner of the yard....if I don't.. they sit on the railing and stare at me through the kitchen window..Geraniums still blooming.. a bit slower and the mums..just opening up.. It can be a glorious season here..
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