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Default Complaint stealing something out of room on departure day.

On Celebrity Cruise Infinitiy on Sept 11th to Spet 18th 2009
Here is a list of complaints of Celebrity.

1) A bulb out in room 7017 and a towel with a small hole.

2) Shower head gasket leak ( I fixed it room by refitting gasket in the shower head.) Room 7017

3) TV Button was sticking on TV. The remote worked but TV would turn itself off. Please do not go in

room 7017 because it appears they need more training to have a detail check list.

4) Ask for a Body pilow and did not receive one.

5) My rented tuxedo was late. Also, the Cabin Steward took my rented tuxedo and did not sign for it.

6) Also, had bad room service when given coffee instead of milk.

7) No ice on the ship on the second day on the cruise at lunch time. Over hear this from another


8) I asked for soda and crew member and they forget i asked for soda two times. When I showed my

soda card.

9 Also, I asked for extra blankets and a body pillow in my Cabin and took a long time for that when i

asked when checked in and when i book this months ago and asked for special request and denied

theme. What a great cruise when they suck at service. The service could have been better.

10) On Depature I had another crew person in are room had took my hat off the bed took with the

blankets. They were unconcern they took something out of my room. Lost and Found is joke on this

cruise and lost luggage. Also the room was locked when i went to Breakfast with my mom on the day of

depature 9-18-09.

11) If travel with Celebrity Infinity becareful to not leave anything in your room for depature since they

might take your stuff and steal it. They delay you from having it for 30 days or more. Also if you have

insurance they will still delay it with travel gaurd claim is AIG.

I just want my Red Sox Hat that I got from a gift from my Brother who is fighting in Iraq.

12) Guest Relations does not care if you lose something on the ship or cabin steward take out of your

room when the door is locked.

Please convince me again to travel with celebrity Cruises since they steal something from my room. Also

made the last day a night mare on Celebrity Cruises instead of nice departure from the ship.

Check out of the room is 8:45am and off the boat at 9:45 am
Room was touched at 8:00am. My stuff was missing. I have a cliam with Celebrity Infinitiy and filed a police report at port seattle, Wa.

Update: They still have not found my hat that was in my room when they took the blankets. I am still waiting for the report to file a insurance claim.
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