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Originally Posted by S.S.Oceanlover

You can't cancel and rebook. I referred my sister and we booked a cruise. She had to cancel but now she nor I can get the referral monies because she has already booked before even though she has never sailed.

When you call up and put a hold on a cabin even though you are not booked Princess will not accept a referral from somebody on a hold even though they are not officially booked.

Just to return to the original poster's topic.

Bill, very good point!

I have also had the same thing happen to me. Having tried many cruise lines I have found that right now Princess offers the best values of the mainstream/premium cruise lines. After recommending many friends to try Princess in the past, some have booked just a few days before I got around to sending in their names to Princess. Once they make that first booking or put a hold on their cabin it is then to late to send in their names to Princess to receive credit. Admittedly I had not thought of the problem when a cabin is on hold. If it is not spelled out, then certainly Princess should make that point clear.

The key is, as another poster mentioned, to send in the names of anyone who you have recommended try Princes and who may be thinking about it.

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