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Originally Posted by misguidedangel
Ferrangi, it seems your experience was different than mine!

I am also on another cruise forum and my expereince was nothing short of the royal treatment. Perhaps cuz it was my birthday and my cabin steward was the sweetest and so wonderful!

Did you have dinner in the Black (center) or Gold (back) dining room? I had the Black and Miguel was the usual wonderful Matire'd as he was last year on the Liberty...he neven remembered, well he knew who I was when I walked in the dining room and he recognized me as I recognized him...he also mentioned the impression I made on Alex from the Liberty last year....

I loved the thalasso pool, but it was so damn hot in Mexico I used the turkish bath twice only. I did use the one that was right next to the Turkish bath that had the bed that looked over the bow of the ship..I stayed there for a good 2o minutes one day and just chilled out....

It was NUTS at Long Beach on embarkation. I was there to drop bags off at 10am and didn't start letting us on until noon and on the ship at 12:25pm!
embarking was good for us, but getting off the ship and finding our luggage?? well that was a whole nuther story, in fact the worst part about the whole vacation was trying to find our luggage and shuffle through like a heard of cattle.....
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