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Welcome back Misguidedangel sounds like you had a great cruise and birthday. I can't wait until it's my turn.

Heather79 when are you cruising the Splendor? My cruise is May 2, 2010. Isn't the obstructed view rooms 5A? When I cruised on the Carnival Freedom the people on the roll call had a cabin crawl so I got to see a lot of different catogory rooms. My favorite was the 9A (wraparound Balcony). 9A is out of my price range so we went with a 4E. We saw a room all the way forward with a window it wasn't an 6A I think that is the 5A room . It was pretty nice, but had a strange lay out. I'm just worried that being at the front of the ship you would hear the anchor in the morning when the ship docks.
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