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Default Re: Question about room placement on the Miracle

Originally Posted by kcjdwill
Hello all,

We are crusing on the Miracle in March 2010. This will be our first experience on this class ship. My parents booked this trip and the rooms are on the Riviera deck forward. As a matter of fact, our group of rooms start with the very first room forward by the elevator. The Mad Hatter’s lounge is directly behind the elevators according to the deck plan. Has anyone ever stayed in a cabin in this area? Is it noisy with the traffic going to and from the lounge? We aren’t night owls, nor do we hit the bed at 9 either, but once we are ready to sleep, we prefer quiet. Also, what about the motion of the ship? We have sailed 5 times previously and have had no problems whatsoever with the “rocking” but we have always been either mid ship or aft. I have heard that the further forward you are, the more you feel the movement. Can anyone testify to this? Thanks so much for any help or suggestions.
I haven't had a cabin in this location, so I can't advise about the noise level. I have sailed the Miracle though and know that they sometimes have late night, adult comdey shows in this lounge. Those nights might be an issue.

I have had the first cabin on a deck before, on a higher deck (deck 7, I think). I didn't have any problem with the motion. That is not to say I didn't feel the motion, and it was definitely more motion than mid-ship or aft, however it didn't bother me. I would think that since I was higher, I would feel more motion than you will on the bottom passenger deck.

If you've never had a problem with the motion bothering you before, you should be fine.
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