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Originally Posted by Triton
Goodness, that's a list! I remember your postings about blankets before your cruise. Blankets can be a very special thing, too.

Regarding the hole and burnt out bulb, etc. - these sound like "life happening"...I have the same problem at home sometimes, but did you speak with Guest Relations or your cabin attendant's supervisor? Did you voice your concern, if so, what was said? How did they reply?

Just curious, what did you like about your cruise? Could you share anything that went well? Shore excursions, meals, people, weather...anything for the readers?

The weather on the Alaska cruise was good and all sunny that week. Also the food was good. Also the entertainment was good. I do think guest relations needs to improve there customer service skills. Instead of reply with an answer like "I think so" on the celebrity infinity ship. That to mean you do not care about customers concerns. I try to report the small concerns and they attend to ignore it. Other than that I survived the trip and look forward to go on another cruise soon with celebrity once they find my red sox baseball hat. I looking at Crystal cruise. I am 31 years old. I did have a fun time on the cruise and these are small issues. Not a big deal but could be big deal for some people when you asked in advance for special request and denied theme. I hope Celebrity Cruise fix this issue on this ship ASAP.
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