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Default Re: Porter Tipping?

Originally Posted by brewtown
I will preface by saying I always tip for good service and have prepaid tips on cruises several times.

I always have an issue as soon as you get to port. Is is necessary to tip the porter as they simply put your luggage on a cart? I have heard that if you don't they throw your luggage around,etc. Or the luggage won't get to your room,etc.

But I did hear that they were also paid very well on a salary and their wages were not tip reliant.

What are the thoughts on this.
You are basically correct. Most of the porters are longshoremen making a few extra bucks. Longshoremen probably make more than most people taking the cruise.

Even with that I still give $1-$2 per bag. I never want to "irritate" a longshoremen.

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