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Default Re: We are booked

Originally Posted by dirk&me
If there is anything I love, it is a day at sea, and a Hawaii cruise gives us so many. Although we have only been on one cruise, I have six booked. I was totally hooked after just a couple of days on the Mercury.(Considering that we had noro virus aboard and sailed under quarantine all the way home, had to return to Hawaii for a medical emergency, ran out of a lot of food items (causing lots ofunhappyGermantravelers)because we sailed an extra day, ...........the good news is that we made several wonderful new friends and are sailing with them in just a month and we didn't have to spend a day in Ensenada

A big mahalo to Trudy for hooking us up with her great TA. See all of you soon, but not soon enough!
Good Morning Girl! My pleasure! Well if you've already gone through all of that, I would say you have nothing but smooth sailing ahead! Goomba was in this morning... your going to have to get him stirred up again, he's been too quiet since I told him I wasn't paying dues

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