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Default Re: Tampa cruise in November

Originally Posted by peter of florida
Yes, I noticed your affinity for Carnival. I have sailed 13 times half with Carnival including my last in August. I enjoy Carnival but it would be nice for a change to have less children and teens and a program that appeals to the HEAVY mass traveler. At our age and level of experience, it would be a real pleasure to have so many aggressive people coming at you from so many angles. Although the Ryndam is a small ship, it is a fine ship with all the activities we enjoy. The food on the Ryndam is noted as fine. Carnival's food on the Lido is marginal. I believe that I have someone to go with me now through cruisemates for the first time. I will keep in touch and would you be interested in the RCCL Legend on Sept. 17, 2010 from Hong Kong to Japan, 13nts. for $1400, another excellent deal. I enjoyed your videos with your son; you are a good person. Please let me know about Hong Kong and I may even want to get out on Carnival in Nov. on the Legend. Regards, Peter
Hi peter,
Sorry for the delay in replying. Instead of cruising, I decided to spend some vacation time with my Mom in NJ. After our August cruise, Mom has had one setback after another in terms of her health.

Anyhow, thanks for your comment about my vids on youtube. Actually, there are one or two videos of mine that I would like to remove, esp. the one where I'm singing karaoke or the one where my son says 'He he... he eats all the time'
But my son thinks those two are the funniest and best since he shot them. How do you argue with a teenager???

As for your choice of RCCL next fall, I don't think I would be interested in that one, because I usually don't plan that far ahead and flying to and from Asia simply cuts into my limited vacation time and my cruising budgett. Besides, I'm 6'4" and don't do too well on very long flights cramped in coach <--designed for leg less people

As for late October, Nov, or December, I'm seeing some amazing deals for 7 day cruises from either FL or CA either on Carnival or RCCL...amazing means less than $400 for 7 day cruises

Are you or any other reader out there interested in sharing a cabin, especially someone over 55 years old (this gets us the senior rate and they are more amazing then my previous military rates at this time????
We can talk about specific week or ship off the board or right here, it doesn't matter to me.

Happy Sailing.
'Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness'
Mark Twain
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