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Originally Posted by Fern
Oh, Paul,

I love your "dry" sense of humor I don't think I'd book a "ship on fire" either

I was just curious as to how many people would sail on a ship where you could smoke anywhere you wanted, since the "Would you book a non-smoking ship" thread had so many replies.

I made it a "Poll" because I think there are possibly many people on these boards who smoke, but don't want to say so "out loud" . This way they can "vote" and not be identified

BTW, I've never said whether I'm a smoker or not . You'll just have to guess ,
Hi Fern,

IMHO most cruise lines have struck a fair balance for smokers and non-smokers. As a smoker I like the fact that there is no smoking in the dining rooms, show theaters, elevators, etc. On my last Princess cruise they had some totally non smoking days in the casino. No problem there either.

The only ships that have what is too me an unfair policy about smoking is Celebrity and RCL. On their ships there are only a few designated smoking areas and you can not smoke in your cabin or even on your own balcony. I always wait until there is no other passengers on there balconies before lighting up, but when someone says that I can not have a cigarette at 1:00am on my own balcony, that is a deal breaker for me!

As long as there is a fair balance for both smokers and non-smokers, I would sail any cruise line.

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