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Originally Posted by ejb
Yes I have a cell phone. I was just wondering if using it would cost me big time per min. fees or was it just like calling from the main land.
I know that Hawaii is a state and all that!! I was just wondering about the fees calling from there.
I called my provider and they said that they have towers on the ship to use at sea foe $2.95/min but my calling plan will cover the rest.
Thanks for the info.
Yes, cellphone is covered. As long as you dont have a plan that is JUST for your area. Like Verizon. We are on a National plan. Calls from Hawaii are just like calling the next town. Part of your plan.
Yes, the ships do have towers but as you posted. Can be a bit pricey. We just use email on the ship. Then to call? Cellphone as soon as we see the islands. Internet? Again, as soon as we see the islands our data card kicks in and we are OFF the ships slow internet and using dsl speed.
Don & Debbie

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